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Brake Hose & Component Supplies (Pty) Ltd. specialises in supplying niche brake parts for automotive and motorcycle applications. The brands we supply are CEF Brake Hoses, Quick Brake and HEL Performance. Our company carries a comprehensive range of CEF Brake Hoses & Brake Pipes. CEF Brake Hoses conform to ISO3996, FMVSS106 & SAEJ1401. CEF Brake Hoses are manufactured in Italy for Original Equipment and Aftermarket customers. Quick Brake Accessories are safety-critical components around the brake calipers & brake drums. For Brake Calipers we supply Quick Brake Disc Pad Clips and Springs for Brake Pads, Wear Sensors for Brake Pads, and Caliper Guide Bolts. For Brake Drums and Brake Shoes we supply Quick Brake Spring Kits and Brake Adjusters. Also included in our range are Bleeder Screws, Brake Tube Nuts. HEL Stainless Steel Teflon Braided Brake Hoses for performance applications.

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